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Game crashes to desktop between 2 mins and 10 mins of play
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On both stable and experimental servers, DAYZSA crashes to desktop.


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Simple start playing.

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Running 8G RAM, Intel i5 with Nvidia 2G 750 Ti.

Recently updated from Intel Q6600 and Nvidia 8800GT, same crashing was occurring with that PC. I thought it ran hot and wanted to verify hardware before submitting report.

This type of crashing has been occurring since May, but the MEAN time of play before crash has decreased from 10 mins to 2.5 mins.

Have changed display drivers multiple times since May, attempting to alleviate. Currently using 337.88 Geforce Driver

Recently read a post describing a "video buffer". That made me pay closer attention to the circumstances of my crashes. They always occur when I am changing my view(turning)and most often when peering off to a distance.


Could you also upload a DxDiag report?

Thank You

Changing the viewing distance to 1000 Meters, while not being a very pretty game to play, has increased the mean time before crashing to around 25 mins.

problem continues with .48, however, now I cannot alter my config file to shorten view distance. So no Dayz for me for a while. Looking forward to some progress report.