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Melee system broken
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it takes way too much time and isn't fluent to have to raise your axe and only then are you able to swing. I wouldn't say anything if it were possible to make it quick and fluid by tapping space and instantly hitting the fire key to swing, but it doesn't work like that, it takes too long for the animation to be ready for further input (swing). It does make sense that you have to raise your axe before you swing it but the way it is implemented doesn't work well. In a critical situation I'd be able to do a quick swing without a full raise to fend off a close attacker.

Now I have to do this:
run away to gain some distance. stop. press space. wait till weapon is held up. swing.

OR if axe not yet in hands:

run away to gain some distance. press the quick access key for the axe. wait for it.. wait for it.. zombie is getting closer... wait for it.. nothing happens.. run away... stop. press the axe-key. character takes out his axe. hit space to raise the axe. wait till weapon is held up. wait for it... wait.. swing! zombie dead. put the axe away. bandage your squirting wounds.
as a player I need to be able to rely on the keys to work 100% of the time and the animation/movement mechanics to be quick (as quick as you would be as if your life depended on it. THAT quick.), it's got to be fluent no matter what I'm currently doing and highly responsive.

it's something between Animations, Movement and Controls.

  • when I press a quick access key I need it to react instantly and 100% of the times
  • when I'm moving around and switch stances and postures and raise/lower my weapon I need it to react instantly AND have to be able to tell what stance I'm in or whether I have the weapon in raised-mode or not without having to stop running for a second to check.


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I totally agree! In general the character movements should get smoother. Still feels like beeing in a robot movement simulation, than in an apocalyptic game where the last thing you should worry is your character movement.

I have found that with the recent build in experimental that the fire axe is useless in melee. The splitting axe and the hoe still do 2 hit kills though. Just can't seem to connect with the fire axe at all anymore.