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Stucked in a inaccesible cave (rocks NW of Svetlojarsk)
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I was yesterday on the top of the rocks in Svetlojarsk. Near the east end i was falling to a lower platform. There is a little crack, between two rocks. If you go to this crack, you will glitch trough the rocks, and be captured between the rocks and the earth in a inaccessible cave.

If necessary i can go back and take an Print Screen from the „entrance“.

In the Attechment i have spotted the entrance.

sorry for my bad english.


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  1. go out on the platform like on the screenshot: svetlojarsk_rockaccess.jpg
  2. jump down of the lower plateau
  3. go left, untill you see the crack or hole: svetlojarsk_rock02.jpg (maybe it's a little bit lower, i don't dare to go farther)
  4. if you go in the crack, you can't climb up again. move a little bit, and you fall in the "cave".
  5. now you can't leave the cave
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View from inside:

And a Suicide command would be helpful ;-) May Be combined with a time penalty.
Finally, I could make suicide by jumping some times around.

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Hi amagra_lacroix,

Thanks for sending in your information regarding this issue. In order to help pinpoint the location, would it be possible for you to attach a screenshot of the crack between the rocks?

Thanks in advance,


Hey JStewart

Yes i will make this the next days.


Much appreciated amagra_lacroix :)



Thanks for sending in the extra screenshots! We'll ask the devs to have a look at the problem.