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fighting against zombies glitchy
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side stepping while attacking works well enough but the fight seems so glitchy and uncoordinated looking some fine tuning or increased character control with feet might fix or slowing the zombies down since they're dead blood coagulated bodies trying to beat you to death


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fight any zombie

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I agree. The zombie combat is VERY repetitive and basically boring. There is NO SKILL to fighting Zeds. It is a repetitive dance of hit, dodge/circle left, hit zombie, dodge/circle left... repeat. The fight is totally glitched. They hit you from 10 feet away AFTER they go past you. They miss you from right next to you. You swing at their head, hit thier leg. Swing at their leg and hit their head. Swing early and HIT. Swing late and HIT. Swing perfect and miss. Swing perfect and HEAD HIT and they go down unconscious.

Sometimes the Zed fights go the way they should, but others are so glitchy and crazy! There is NO SKILL TO ZED FIGHTING. It is GLITCHY LUCK. You can look pro most of the time if you have a fire axe and manage the first headshot, but if you miss that headshot and get into melee, all skill leaves and it is all about luck. A little about skill. Not much.