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Crashing After a Certain Time
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Whenever I play the game, around 5 minutes in the game I crash, at first my game freezes and the sound stops, after 2~5 seconds the music comes back for a little bit and then the game crashes. Ive tried to reinstalling the game, no luck. Ive noticed that I usually crash when I am in a city and not in the wild. Any big city usually. Sometimes I get freezes for a second and the game goes on, and sometimes I get a freeze and once the game is unfrozen all the mashes and textures look weird, like my characters hands and body is all "cubey" and then it has a really low frame rate 5~10 I would say, and then it crashes again or if I try to quit the game I get out the server, go to the menu and press exit and the screen goes black and it says my game just crash. Thank you in advance!!


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Usually when I log back into the game my character moves while the game is frozen before the crash.

Happened since .44 update

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i have the same problem, but the devs cant help you till you attach the files in ..users/?/Appdata/Local/DayZ. those files are hidden btw so unhide and pack them in a .rar or .zip and attach

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We need the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


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I have the same Problem. I attached the file for you. Thank you ! (20:08)

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I have uploaded my dayz.rar file. I know quite a lot of people are having this problem. Hopefully you guys can figure it out. The game is just unbearable because of it. thank you.

Hey Folks. I made the Way over Updating to a Win 7 64Bit System and and worked out great. Better Performance and in front of all no more chrashes every 10 seconds. I want to close my report with this.

I have win 7 64 and still crashing, like madrill said every few minutes, with it being updated while also get other error messages