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[Suggestion] Cities on Road Map are not Cyrillic, Maps are not stackable
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It’s quite hard to compare a road sign with the in-game road maps because the maps are not in Cyrillic. Friends of mine complains this as well. For me it’s not a problem at all because I learned the letters (takes only 3 hours). But others may not willing to do this which is understandable. Comparing weird letters on a sign and a strip map is feasible for everyone.

Even if I’m able to use an online map on my second monitor, I rather use the found maps. For the survivor part of the game it is necessary to keep several maps which, unfortunately, need a single slot for each map. I would love it the maps are stackable (craft able) to one big map. I’m a player with pretty less stuff for the most of the time and I run around overall. So this would help every player to use the map in a better way.


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  1. Find a map and a road sign and compare the names.
  1. Find 2 maps ans store it as a fresh spawn in your pants. So no place will be left for your spaghettis ;)

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The maps are combinable, but only in certain combinations:

SE + NE = E Chernarus Map
SE + SW = S Chernarus Map
SW + NW = W Chernarus Map
NW + NE = N Chernarus Map
E + W = Chernarus Map
N + S = Chernarus Map

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Wow, thanks for this info. Very helpfull!

It is still a pain that we get an English map for Cyrillic place names. It does not help as much as a map should. And really? Who left it behind? English-speaking tourists? Or locals? I find them in homes and garages and shit. I think it was locals. The maps should be Cyrillic.

Also, I always want a map. But you always die with it. You never get to keep that thing and it takes forever to get a whole one! Maps should be more common. Or t hey should be smaller. I don't know. 4 spots are required to collect one map and one map only takes one slot. The tradeoff is too small. I will choose no map due to the fact that map parts are too rare and the collection takes too many slots. I will prefer the online map and simply knowing my way.

D3adst1ck: I tried to combine the maps with works like you said. But I realised that it is not scalable like before. Full zoom into map shows very tiny buildings on a full map. This makes no sense for me. And it is nearly impossible to find a well which is quite easy if not clued together.

Agree with itchypantz.

You should only need 2 map parts to create a full map at any time, so if you're carrying more than that you should combine and dump some until you get down to 2.

The wells are marked on the maps as a fountain symbol that looks like an upside down anchor.

Yes, but if you have a full map you are unable to see details on it because the zoom factor ist dramaticly reduced.

Ich checked the wells on the map. Well, there are fountain symbols also on dry wells. And on the full map the symbols are really really tiny to see them.

As I said before, all maps should have the same zoom factor, combined or not.

All maps have the same zoom, and you can adjust with the scroll wheel.

This doesn't work on my DayZ. On a small map (SW), I can zoom in to 20m, on the full map only to 200m.

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