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3 Most Common Mistakes That Can Spoil Your English Essay


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This article sheds light on common mistakes that students commit in English assignment and how to correct it.
If you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate program in English language, then you might have received an essay writing work. This task seems easy at the first instance, but when you encounter the actual requirement of writing an essay on any topic in the English subject, the same task turns out to be much complicated than it appeared. For the same reason, many students start looking for English EssayWritingService from professionals, which is not the solution.
The lack of knowledge on how to write a good English essay makes the same task full of challenges. And even after trying their best, students aren't able to score good grades in the essays. The question here is what tricks students should use to write a good essay?
Professionals suggest avoiding common mistakes. Some mistakes are general, and you can see it any essay, we call these mistakes as common mistakes. These errors happen because of lack of concentration. If students work on these mistakes, then they can easily write an essay that can get them good grades. These are general and minor but are worthy enough to spoil the entire efforts of students.
Let’s have a look at the mistakes that we call as common mistakes which English students should not make in their essays.

  1. Content Mistake – Many students write the content of an essay without understanding the topic. They just pick the word from the topic and put word-related information in the essay. Unfortunately, this is not the way of writing good content. Instead, students should read between the lines to understand what topic demands.

For example, take a topic ‘Grammar rules for English.’ When it comes to writing on the topic, most students will copy and paste grammar rules, which is not correct. The topic is not asking for grammar rules, but something different, some creativity. This will help us:

  1. Vocabulary Mistake – The language of an essay is different from normal speech. A different set of vocabulary is used in the essay. Vocabulary should be used logically to present the idea with the correct implementation of grammar. Most students commit mistakes in the right use of vocabulary. Common vocabulary mistakes highlighted by essay writing help experts are:

· Confusion in homonyms words, such as knew - new, no-know.
· Confused words, such as loose-lose, quiet-quit, then-than.
· Non-standard vocabulary like kinda, wanna, gonna.
· Wrong form of words such as disable, disabled.

  1. Styling Mistake – Students should write a custom college essays in the correct style. Suppose if you have been asked to write a narrative essay, then you should write it in the desired pattern. If you do not follow the correct style, then it will leave a poor impression on evaluators.

These are some of the mistakes you should take care of in your English essay as it is expected from students not to commit such common mistakes. The presence of these mistakes leaves a bad impression on evaluator that eventually impact the grade.
Summary –This article sheds light on common mistakes that students commit in English assignment and how to correct it.
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