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UPSers is an Online Portal used by UPS Employees. It mainly deals with Package Delivery and Supply Chain Management. It's the best Logistics Company that has many branches. So, Register to access the Employee Portal.

  • Refund : Employees can claim their Expenses to get a Refund.
  • Free Channels between foreign Employees and department HR.
  • Time Management - You can control Work Schedules and Tasks.
  • Signature: A Digital Format for Quick works.
  • Positions: know the level of Employee and high officials.
  • Reports: Get to know your performance and activity.
  • UPS Store location: You can find nearby stores.

UPSers can get access to many things. He/She can try to earn and learn through Benefits Program provided by the Company. These job opportunities pay excellent Salary with added Retirement Benefits and the Medical Benefits even after Retirement. All qualified candidates will get compensation up to $25,000 as a scholarship. Using this Reimbursement, Students can Pay the Fees of their Tuition in University.