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MOMOSK (Jakub Gerbel)
Banov Creator


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Nov 26 2016, 5:01 PM (256 w, 3 d)

**Get captivated by the game in the newly prepared DayZ map named Banov. Banov is the first map inspired by the diverse Slovak landscape, more precisely the location of the Banov District and the surrounding area. Its size is 256 km2, so it will take you all day to examine it in detail.

Banov contains 1 city, 35 villages, 2 water dams, 1 large airport, 1 small airport and many other interesting places and dwellings where the tooth of time has signed. As a bonus, it brings special places that will be hidden all over the map and it will only be up to your dexterity and skills if you find them all.

Banov means digging through dense forests, overgrown meadows, wandering through swamps, seeking refreshment in wild rivers and at the same time getting to know the beautiful fauna of our region, enjoying panoramic views, looking for things and food necessary to survive but especially to fight for life as danger escapes every step. You are also bothered by the weather, which is changing rapidly, so a sunny day can quickly turn into a real downpour.

Since we are inspired by real cities, villages or forests, you will find on the map not only beautiful scenery but especially safe places where you can build a base, hide from other players who survived without infection but especially those whose infection affected. Since the map is dotted with forests and watercourses, you will find many options for how to get food. So with a little skill, you won't starve to death.
Good luck!**