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MicrosoftLicense (مایکروسافت لایسنس)
مایکروسافت لایسنس


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Apr 25 2021, 12:18 AM (26 w, 2 d)

Ryannet Ltd as the first official supplier of major licenses for Microsoft products and the only official business partner of Microsoft in Middle East (Microsoft Partner) with nearly a decade of experience in major imports of original Microsoft products and cooperation with more than hundreds of holdings and government agencies, is proud to offer all Microsoft software products(Including Windows, Office, Windows Server, SQL, Azure and ...) directly, at reasonable prices and without intermediaries through the company's office (Talee Limited) in the UK as the official Partner & Solution Provider of Microsoft. . Due to the volume of the company's inventory, all products are delivered immediately and have the company's lifetime support and warranty, as well as Microsoft's technical support. Also, none of the products offered by this company are OEM, Academic, Charity and all Products with a valid Retail or Volume License are provided by Microsoft. مایکروسافت لایسنس