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Thu, Jan 7, 9:10 AM (2 w, 1 h)

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Thu, Jan 14

-nate.dogg0402- updated the task description for T156153: Glow stick glitch .
Thu, Jan 14, 5:56 AM · DayZ Xbox
-nate.dogg0402- added a comment to T156157: Invisible Hacker Kills Me on Official LA Server .

He was most likely abuse the glow stick glitch and shooting you while invisible. A glitch that has been around for over a year that the devs refuse to fix. Same with the duplication glitch.

Thu, Jan 14, 5:39 AM · DayZ Xbox

Tue, Jan 12

-nate.dogg0402- created T156153: Glow stick glitch .
Tue, Jan 12, 8:00 PM · DayZ Xbox