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May 10 2016

deanosbeano added a comment to T75094: VBS3 snow in ARMA 3.

For clarification and due to lack of highlighting by the chap who made the proof of concept (used the addon ) whomever he is

The addon used in the ops link is my own and a chap called spooners , I continue to develop it thru a2 and a3 myself  its on armaholic and called dbo tile 
Its possible in theory to use but unfotunately due to physx implentaion vehicles will not interact any longer with them so its only a visual possibility to that extent

For man however it will work as is , if vehicles ever go back to drive on roadway lod and not physx I will gladly review worthiness

Until then I advise for a snowy altis set the rvmat with a negative force diffuse and make a replacement hexedit like good ole days but only for personal use as bis no longer alliw hex edit and release for public

May 10 2016, 7:27 AM · Arma 3
deanosbeano added a comment to T73938: Glitch with pond object (aka "Podagorsk problem" or "Beketov problem").

Well Well

It seems the poinds/ water has been silently fixed (ish) , well done BIS , I hope community efforts helped a little :).

So just a couple of things to fix the first of actually point to a Major flaw in the Engine and possibly help with some future gains .

To repeat the error :

Place a water object such as a DBO_pond in the editor
start game all is good
Stop game and move the object
Start game and you will find that the world space from which you moved the Pond object still has the effect of being there in all manners apart from visually seeing the object.
In essence the engine beleives there are now two pond objectas on the map

because the fix has now added Road properties or On surface to the Water roadway lod , Bullets on surface have no effect unless on the very edge ( grenades etc are still ok as expected they calculate from AGL 0 )

Cheers for the progress PLS pLS can we get some technical info on the fix :)

May 10 2016, 6:54 AM · Arma 3
deanosbeano added a comment to T73938: Glitch with pond object (aka "Podagorsk problem" or "Beketov problem").

COuld we at least get some Technical help here please , this is not simply a Porting problem but a problem overall

HEre is a video of the problem

and a vehicle incase it shows more but i suspect its the roadway LOD and engine or something connected thats the prob

Thanks in advance

May 10 2016, 6:54 AM · Arma 3