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Windows VPN推荐

Mechanism for accessing torrent networks via VPN VPN for PC is used to log in to the tracker site and download the .torrent file. To download the file itself via the client, an unsecured connection is used. peer-to-peer vpn connection to bypass torrent blocking

Advantages: Any free VPN client is enough. Only web traffic is used, and its consumption is very low. Neither copyright holders nor government agencies are able to block the file download process – p2p network technology uses users ' ip addresses. It is not possible to track whether a user downloaded a .torrent file or a magnet link Disadvantages: In the P2P client, when downloading content, the real ip address is easy to track – it is stored in an unsecured form. All logs are stored by the provider, and there is no question of security or anonymity

You can access the tracker and download content via the virtual network. Use a vpn to download files from torrent servers Advantages: Neither the fact of visiting the tracker, nor the fact of downloading the. torrent file, nor the fact of downloading the content itself, can be tracked The real ip address is replaced by the IP address of the VPN server Disadvantages: A large amount of traffic Torrent traffic is not allowed on all VPN servers You need to buy paid subscriptions for VPN clients.