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some ideas for new Arma 3 RPG mode

In Italy, at the moment, there aren't any players on Arma 3 role play game (generally on Arma 3). one or two months ago, there were at least 2-3 servers with at least 20 players on each one. I think, that one of the most critical problems on the servers is the management. Often, people create servers, and they surround themselves with other people that often are incompetent and not available to talk with the gang, police, army for resolving problems. In my opinion, the best thing would be the make 1 or (maximum) 2 server for country. These servers will be property of Bohemia (so the server will be more strong) and (for the first time) managed by people choose by Bohemia; next, the servers would be managed by people choose by the voting of all the players on the server. I think that would be a GREAT idea the recreate a species of government, but only professional roles like the president (the person who is chosen by bohemia for the first time), Police chief, ministry of defence and other figure. The server would be more big, with at least 80 players; and adding new vehicle like C17, C130, F22, F35, USS Nimitz, civil plane (you can take it from mods or do it) and divide soldiers in army, navy, military aviation and army special forces. In my opinion, there will be a big important change. There must be laws, small tips of training for every job, and obviously, for balance the military role, add new civil jobs like pilot for commercial route and create different types of illegal jobs, like drug dealer, mercenary, assasins and other. (there would be nice to do military excercise and other). I know, these are too big change to apply on Arma 3 RPG. I read an article that Bohemia says that they are not doing Arma 4, but, if sooner or later you will decide to do Arma 4, I think this is a really important thing to keep it in minds. My ideas is to create a small type of the real world; my opinion is that Arma 3 has great potential to be one of the most beautiful and realistic game ever created and, RPG mode, it's part of this potential. Obviously, for avoiding complain, it's important to keep an eye on commercial cost like food, iron ecc I started to play Arma 3 one year ago, and I want to say my dream with you. My dream is to drive a military plane and ask permission at the control tower to landing (another real person) on Arma 3. I know it's stupid, but this is my dream. My dream synthesize my ideas, that is to create a beautiful, immersive, exciting, balanced and rich of particulary game. Another important thing is to ear every ideas that comes from people and put them to the vote to avoid the possibility that people go away from server.