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M4 Acog Scope graphical glitch while aiming
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When I aim through the Acog (RMB not hold only tipped) scope from my M4, I can't look through the scope i only see the metal under the scope.
{F30813} {F30814} {F30815}


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M4 in hand

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I am getting the same problem, just seems to be happening to me though both of my friends can use scopes but i cannot. I've tried various scopes, ACOG, Comp82, PU scope on the M4 and SKS respectively to no avail and the screenshots i have posted here show that. (All scopes i have tested apart from the M4 ACOG give me iron sights and the ACOG make me look at what seems to be the buttstock of the Gun)
(Im running Windows 7 64bit)
EDIT: 22/04/2014
I just tried the fnx45 red dot and got the same visual bug of having nothing on it and this time it just zoomed in on the iron sights.
Just Validated the integrity of the game cache to see if it will fix it, but i tried a fresh install when i first posted this and that didn't seem to work not much hope of it working but worth a try. (If any of you get this and fix it please tell me how you did so i can play properly again, Thanks in advance)

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Thats the problem, but it's fixed. I logged in and it worked normally.
Don't know where the problem is, but sometimes I log in and the scope works,and sometimes not.

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Ran into this bug when I picked up a gun (with a scope) from a buddy. The bug seems to have gone away after installing a different scope, then swapping back to the original scope.

I've seen this same bug with binoculars as well.

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I can confirm this is still happening. Started happening to me after I logged out with the gun in my hands (another one on my back) and after log in the scope stopped working. Screenshot uploaded as proof. Running Win8/64bit

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