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Without an ability to list previous chat messages, chat in general can be unreliable due to the next messages which make previous messages disappear. In large servers chat is always spammed with something, and there it can be especially futile to write stuff. In some game modes, i think, it would be somewhat useful to keep on track with what has happened.
I know that largely arma's communication depends on VON rather than chats, but still this would be a little improvement to have.


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  1. Write a long message
  2. Have several players die, several players join the server and one player writing something else
  3. Be angry

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You can view old chat messages.

  • Press "/" to open chat line.
  • Press PgUp/PgDn to scroll old messages.
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Wow, didn't knew, sorry. This ticket can be closed then.
The thing isn't though described by field manual or options->controls.

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