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Canvas Bag Meshing/Desync Issue
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So i was playing Livonia map on Xbox and found a canvas medical bag in my hands that i was using to carry items while trying to find a good spot to organize. I had an infected agro on me so i climbed into a dumpster and dropped the bag into a pile of tires near the smoke stack at the east of the map near the river and lakes. The canvas bag partially meshed into the tires and became unretrievable. I left the area. I logged out and back in. I logged out again and completely closed the application and came back but it was still there just unretrievable. None of the menu options or the windows button on the Xbox controller would pick up or select the item. No content whatsoever was shown. Recently since update 1.22 I've had similar issues with pickaxe, shovel and frying pans partially meshing into the map and walls of buildings but those i was able to still select and retrieve. This bug really decreases the fun factor and satisfaction from the game and I understand it's a difficult issue to address with multiple engines running. Best of luck finding and replicating and remedying this bug!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Not sure how to reproduce as I've never had this specific issue happen and i went back to this spot to drop other items into the same dumpster with tires but they all were stable and retrievable.

Additional Information

It seems like this might have been caused from a desync issue but my connection was good and there was no golden or red chain icon. Sometimes other desync issues happen with a seemingly good connection and ping where walking down stairs ends up catapulting my character down stairs but not enough to do damage. Other times if I'm being chased by infected and I try to quick run into a building it rubber bands me in and out of the door and over again, always with a good ping and connection. Usually any time I've died on Xbox from infected it's because of this desync and rubber banding which allows the infected to hit me while I'm helpless. This issue has been around since 2018 and it used to be much worse. I think it's possible that this scenario might be initiated from infected sprites rather than connection issues.

EDIT: Also had 3 backpacks all different types disappear within 24 hours of this same bug report by dropping them on the ground, moving maybe at most 1000 meters away and coming back. The first time I just tried to tell myself somebody found it and stole it or something. After the second and third times it was obvious this was a bug. There was no server resets in that time frame of losing items and the bags were not in a ruined state. Server was also low population. Items were not placed in high traffic areas.

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I have this issue with all the new items if it's above the player's position, although sometimes I see it in the vicinity in the inventory. I would like them to fix this because it is a struggle to pick it up if it does get stuck in a object, wall, or above the player's position by a few feet.

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Yeah I thought maybe it was something to do with the new items but I had it happen three different times within 24 hours on the same official server. Shovels, pickaxes, frying pans I often notice partially meshed into the map and walls.