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I'm having a connection issue with logging into any DayZ servers on Xbox.

It started with me upgrading to the new Xbox Series X from the original Xbox one.
I was able to join any server and had no issues until I was in a modded server (chaostheory/pve/nokos/pvpzones/modmap/customstart) and I was at NWAF when suddenly both the Xbox and modem shut off and restarted on its own and from then I haven't been able to join any server whatsoever.
Since then, I've been on the phone with both Xbox and Tmobile my internet provider for any resolution. First I was on the phone with Tmobile and they finally told me it was my xbox that had the issue and I needed to replace it. Then I got on the phone with xbox and they went through all kinds of troubleshooting issues with networking but couldn't find any resolution. I went ahead and exchanged my Xbox with another brand new one and I'm still having the same issue. Every time I try to connect to any server it just freezes and eventually if I stay on long enough I get a warning message (0x00040031)
I'm about to go get a new modem as my next step, but I've tried everything within my own account and I'm not able to connect. I've also tried connecting from our other Xbox with the same account and still the same. I did however tried using my Hotspot and it did connect. So I'm not sure where the problem is. I'm so confused!
The other server on official was Dayz US - MI 4242 with no much luck either.

I'm in Florida, USA
Internet provider: T-mobile
I've used both cable and wireless to connect to the internet/wifi.
Speed test:
DL 98.77 Mbps
UL 31.28 Mbps
Latency 92ms
Packet loss 1%
(I was getting 100% before)
Last time I connected before this issue was on Saturday, September 23rd at 9:30am eastern time.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

Every time I try to connect to any server it freezes and doesn't connect.

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I got a new modem and it works....