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STILL NOT PLAYABLE. Cheater killed me through the wall
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Server: DayZ EU - DE 5441 (Temporary)
Game version: 1.20.155881

I was killed on my own base, inside closed garage with 4 closed metal gates. Cheater wanted me to open gates, and after I refuse he just shot me couple of times through the wall (concrete garage wall texture, not gates). It was his "proof" that he is a cheater. I didn't believe it, lol.
My base was inside land_garage_row_small building (screenshot)

So, after 10 years of "intense" development it is still possible to disable textures on client side and shoot players through the walls.
Nice Job, Dev team! Still not playable.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

play couple of days on official PC server

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Thasnk you, we will investigate with the BattlEye team.

I started this issue not because I want to ban that cheater. But because it MUST be impossible to disable walls textures on client side and hit players through invisible walls.

It is impossible to ban all cheaters or prevent them from writing new cheats. But it is possible to limit the number of things for cheater to do, to make the game PLAYABLE.

Same cheater was unable to walk through the walls, because SERVER knows that there is a wall in that position and does not allow to go through. Same logic MUST be applied to bullets. Registering hits MUST be computed on SERVER side, not on client side. There is nothing BattlEye team can help you with, it is Bohemia Interactive team should remake logic of registering bullets hits.

Until then - game is still NOT PLAYABLE.

pataposha.z added a comment.EditedMar 17 2023, 10:30 AM

@Geez it is not resolved. I want to see status of development.

I don't think these are "cheats", but "bad features" of the original game. That would must really change, but it's such an old and noted thing, that I have my doubts it will ever change. I'm amazed how many still don't know it and immediately think of tricks. It's just one of the many absurd crap in this game ... for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised it's done on purpose, like other nonsense in this game.
Watch Wobo's video:

That guy was definitely cheater. He admitted this in voice chat and said my nickname. He then shot with taps, exact in the place I was standing. First legs, then couple shots into "unconscious" and then in the head (when he understood that I would not open gates). According to the video, it really might be that he didn't just turned off walls, but used common wallhack. But vidoe is old... maybe the changed smth to the walls penetration system? No?