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Unable to connect to server
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Hi my friend is not able to connect to my community server.

the problem started yesterday, we are PlayStation 4 players and the server name is DeadManZ (community). He is able to join the server when I do a fresh wipe but after around 10 minutes his client begins to de sync and then kicks him. Upon rejoining his loading bar is frozen half way and won’t move past this point unless we wipe the server in which case the cycle repeats itself.

his PSN is Liathroidi_Mor

he last tried to connect around 9pm GMT

please advise of any fix thanks


Operating System
Windows 7

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Still happening.

Both looking to get a refund at this point.

He’s tried everything from reinstalling to factory reset of his PS4.

Terrible support so far.

Please respond within 48 hours before we ask PlayStation for a refund.

Been playing dayz for over 10 years now and never had to deal with this crap, loading bar freezing half way every time he joins the server.

Thinking we might get the refund and get rust instead of this is not fixed soon.