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You can throw backpacks through closed doors and walls. 1.17
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You can take backpacks and throw them through closed door and walls.

This can be a problem for base defense since a player can pull the pin on a grenade and put it back in the bag quickly and throw it through your closed doors and gates.

It also is just a problem for people who use are using a exploit to spawn in your base. They load up your gear into a backpack and throw it through the wall or gate to a buddy all without destroying anything.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

First find a backpack.
Find a wooden gate, wall or doorway
next double tap x or the respective controls on your platform to engage the throw mechanism.
stand right up against the gate or wall and then throw the item.

Additional Information

I havent checked to see if winding up or not to throw further or shorter changes anything but bags normally go through.

Have not checked to see if this works on metal reinforced walls or gates but does on normal wood ones.

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