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Undermapping, How to undermap.
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You stupid dayz devs are adding new ways to raid bases in 1.18 with new explosives yet you wont fix undermapping or add new base building items.

You undermap by simply having your friend lay on the ground and then you lay down on top of them.

When people do this they are dropping loot under the map and have hidden bases and they also can see all loot and players from under neath the map. If they also swim under your base they log off and log back in to pop up in your base exploiting and circumnavigating your walls and other base defenses.

I hope the enitre dayz community finds this post and I will be posting it on youtube as well for everyone to find to BREAK the game as much as possible to force you to fix your already broken and buggy game.

All you devs make no sense at all and should either resign or be fired for being incompetence.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have your friend lay on the Ground facing down hill preferably and then walk towards him and lay down on his back.

It will then force him under the map where he can swim freely into enemy bases and secret building areas.

Additional Information

Fix your game!

Instead of addding new base building items or fixing known exploits you all add more ways to break into a base..................0 IQ

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