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Glitch trough the ground/ under the map [with Video example]
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This glitch allows the Player to get under the map.
You need 2 Persons to do this glitch.
Once you are under the map you can swim anywhere.
When you leave and join the Server you will spawn exacly where you swam (but on the surface).
This can allow you to reach locations you are not suppose to reach (e.g. the first floor of the Apartment building) or you can glitch into players bases.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

First you need to find Terrain that is sloped (like a hill or trench).
You should look for atleast 30 degrees angle.
Once you found it you need to lay down on the sloped Terrain (chest to the bottom).
Then your friend has to go on you (works best when on upper back).
He then needs to lay down and stand up repeatedly (not the emotes) while on your back.
You will eventually glitch trough the ground and fall to the water.

Additional Information

Video example of the glitch

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Can you hide this ticket for the public?

why has this not been fixed? multiple tickets of the same issue. stop adding things and make what you have useable

Exact same issue ! I’m 1 more death away from a refund from this game man 🤦‍♀️

our base is being constantly raided by people using this method it seems