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ALT Accounts
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Please do something about Alt accounts on consoles, whole officials are a big joke because of that everyone's having 20+ alts. U cant Online raid a base cause there are dudes spawning every few minutes after being killed. Thats ridiculous. Not even saying about this completely opposite to Ur game concept where we should value our characters live. But how are we supposed to do that when dude's been acting like a Fortnite Rambo's because they dont care about their stuff as they have still many Alt's ready to be logged in every second. Thats just dumb. Same for community's servers. U cant Ban a player because he's back within 10 minutes with different Alt xD wtf guys.. seriously? Letting such a thing happening?


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Windows 7
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Make a New xbox account, and ruin the game for others

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Gopnik created this task.Feb 13 2022, 10:26 AM
Krlito added a subscriber: Krlito.EditedFeb 15 2022, 4:15 PM

I think they can't fix that if xbox let people still create new accounts ... If you search a vanilla server without alt account I have one for you... name:FALLEN_chernarus vanilla 1P hardcore. It's a 50 slots Server same as official but no alts accounts no combat logging .. night vision spawns only in tisy helicrashes and Static toxic zones.. it's a new server see you✌