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Fix and re add the m249!
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I’m sure I can speak for a lot of players out there that love the game but knows it’s lacking content on the console side. I’m not too sure how many people were looking forward to a pp-19 Bizon as we have multiple Smg’s. However we have no LMG’s in the game and the m249 already has models in the game just not animations. I hope we can have this gun returned back into the game as it’s already half way there! Hell I’d even pay a Dev to work on it lol.


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I second this. A server I play on is based on factions, pvp and raiding. So for us the M249 would be a great addition when it comes to shredding fences and gates!

I would just like to see an LMG and I know the game is based out of Russia but there’s already weapon models for the M249 so it only makes sense to bring it back in. I can spawn it on server but can’t shoot it on console but on pc you can mod it to function atleast. Would love some type of lmg like the m249

Agreed, please guys, bring back M249. I know you said this is civilian weapons year, but make an exeption for 1.20