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DayZ on PS4 (pro) runs terrible, always lose of audio and visuals in nadbor. Anytime I’m in a gun fight there’s major lag unless it’s 1V1 somewhere remote.
Audio lose in small towns high probability (grabin,sitnik) last 10 gun fights I’ve been in has been lag caused me to die that’s feels very one sided, same with my friend I play with (he loves local to me) I’ve heard using SSD for DayZ on PS4 helps it massively and it’s disheartening knowing I might need to shell out crazy money for this game to run effectively


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I've also died to lag and stuff. It sucks.

EU - DE LIVONIA 1948 server on ps is bugged I’m sure. Switched servers and I’m not experiencing the same food & cold issues, like on 1948 me and my friend would get sick constantly, do all the right stuff to cure it then a min later get sick again, first glance issues with visual and audio lag moving through certain areas are different. It’s so weird, if any dev reads this please check that server out