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Frame rate issues 1.14
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I love this game but This games frame rates are far too low I play on original xbox and something has to be done to make this game playable again noone wants to roam around the map for 2 hours then go to snipe at someone and them fire back with an m4 and my frames drop so low I can't control where I'm aiming the same thing happens alot of the time while in any pvp and for a game that's so heavily pvp based I need to be able to fire a weapon without frame rate issues I play many other fpp shooters and have no issue and although I love the idea of this game if this issue isn't fixed or atleast moves being made towards fixing it I can't see myself continuing with this game I'll just have to wait for someone else to develop a similar game on a better engine or with a better port it's a shame because I really love the game and all the effort u guys have put into new updates all year round but this needs addressing


Operating System
Windows 7
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Firing weapons whilst other weapons are fired or running too fast towards around New players or being around bases or stored loot or walking through any town bigger than moglevka

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Theo172 created this task.Nov 20 2021, 7:27 PM