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Sickness from cold
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Fresh spawn with low insulation clothing. sometimes damaged low insulation clothing. Always starving to death within 15 min. MAJORITY OF SPAWNS are collared dresses and low insulation t-shirts and pants. If food is found you will live long enough for the sickness to begin. With limited amounts of tetracycline spawning and always being in high populated areas, fresh spawns are virtually always guaranteed to get sick and starve due to most recent patch additions. You need to either rework the spawn limits/likelihood of high insulation clothing or make thinks like tetracycline more prevalent and things like codeine less


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Legitimately every time you start the game as a fresh spawn since last patch

Additional Information

Inconsistent temperament, even indoors houses
Lack of access to warm clothing in fresh spawn zones (Don't worry the collared dresses are spawning just fine though and still nobody is using them, at all, ever).
Need to rework amount of tetracycline that spawns as there is never enough and given that you changed the climate to be harder, and took away hoodies from fresh spawns in place of low/poor insulation clothing, its become a requirement as much as water is

Basically you need to rework wither the medication spawns, the clothing spawns, or the generalized temperature of the map as the game has passed from challenging to almost unplayable

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Please guys can you fix this. Love your game but there is a fine line from realism to just being difficult for the sake of being difficult.