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Sickness Bug
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While playing game player will randomly contract illness (Infection of some kind) while standing inside of buildings. Repeatedly happens requiring more and more medication even though the medications make the illness icon go away. Does not seem to be related to infected water or food or temp. I was inside with a white temperature bar, not eating with a white hunger indicator, not drinking with a white hydration meter and general health was good with a white cross indicator. All with no gas cloud either. Why are we constantly getting sick inside houses now?


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Cured last instance of illness with antibiotics (Tetracycline) then stood not eating or drinking and had it reappear that I was sick even though I was inside and not cold. Did this three times till I ran out of meds

Additional Information

I love your game but you truly make it so hard to love you guys. All theses features are great but you lack the balancing to make it playable. at this point of the game there is more an chance you will die of sickness due to lack of food/water spawns, a clothing ratio of like 1,000,000 collared dresses to 2 hiking jackets (And lets be real in a country of this climate can you really tell me with a straight face that people are wearing crop tops in such demand? Really?), or zombie infections than you will from other players. It's to the point that the game is nearly unplayable now with how often player are contracting infections from everything and only like 10 boxes of medications spawn in on the map. Like I said I love you guys and your game but you make it really hard to love you and recommend you guys to friends and other players when the scares you make are so lopsided

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