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Stop stop stop stop
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Please stop grenades blowing up walls and gates to easy to break into base .. base building is pointless unless you stop this .. and maybe stop base building in army bases


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Stop grenades blowing up walls


Duping still exists and Grenades still bust through walls like it's nothing, so fucking stupid they'd rather add unwanted game mechanics and keep driving away the remaining players than fix all this buggy shit they have.

If the bugs they choose to fix always get commented on then i can say the people responsible for keeping those tracked are really biased on what gets fixed and ignored since there's considerable a large amount of busted shit that has been reported and still exists 2 years later, such as being able to glitch under the map and how inventory still has a occasional desync issue.

I blame the problems of this game purely on the players who paid for a new map.

Paying for that new map when the game was trash just showed the devs that people did not want the bugs fixed. It showed that all they had to do was pump out new content to get paid.

So thanks to all who bought Livonia, this is your fault. Y’all shoulda held out and made them fix the game.