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Xbox private server cars randomly flying off the road.
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Hello, myself and others have been experiencing a lot of base lag like issues where we fly off the road very far. Sometimes it’s near a base and others not. We usually are driving around 80 kmh which really isn’t that fast, and I do not have the settings altered much at all.

My server all agreed we wouldn’t mind a 20 gb or even 38 gb sized game as long as it ran well and didn’t have these bugs that could bring you to the bottom due to a car crash.

Additionally we all are still waiting for a better truck to be added, like the other wreck, or maybe a mouthed gun on the current one? Or the ability to shoot pistols out of the cars?

And everyone would of course love helicopters… but the gas is interesting, one heli such a flyable Huey like the crashed one already in game would be amazing.

We would really like better optimization

I’m also on an Xbox One X running with 1 gb internet.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Just drive anything over 50 kmh in any area with any other vehicle / base, or any high render item nearby.

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