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New toxic zone illness
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So before I logged off a toxic zone landed on me, so I went to a hospital and got the new medicine for it, cured it all fine and sandy. Played for a few more hours 100% fine. Then the next night when I relog in, I am now sick AGAIN from that illness
for absolutely no reason and have searched the map for the cure without luck. Now I have a super geared guy with hours and hours of time in him that's going to die from blood loss becuase I simply logged in.... no I was not still sick from before I played for hours after perfectly fine, when I relogged it somehow registered I had this new illness. Idk what's going on but please fix this is very disappointing and sucks I wasted all this time and am gonna loose all this gear on an official server. Used 3 blood packs I've saved up just to go from hospital to hospital, the new cure seems to be very rare and shouldn't be so if you just relog and get sick for no reason, thanks.


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Am just not gonna go anywhere near those toxic zones till bug is fixed

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I only stayed in becuase it's new and wanted to check it out and I had an extra cure on hand si why not. Big mistake with this relog bug.

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