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White walling
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There is a couple of players on EU 1948 that have been using the white wall glitch to find players. Other players have told me about them so I know it's not an issue with my squad, the players that are doing it is, "kickassnadbor" "LeBBRaptorSnake" and "alline1990" we have multiple videos of them doing it so it is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed, if you lean into the wall, you can see the environment and players from far away. They will shoot to attract players, then find their exact location, and snipe you from impossible positions, if you know where they are, without footsteps, the are behind you can kill you. Very annoying and needs to be fixed. It is being done on the south side of lavonia, south of nadbor at the military base that dosent have a name, they are on only in the morning times(7-10) US time. They don't even loot when they kill, they kill you and instantly load off so they think you can't get their name. But we have multiple videos. Please advise


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Fix white walling