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Proximity chat name tag suggestion
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I understand that Sony requires proximity chat to show players' name tags when speaking and it sucks BUT Rust Console has the same feature but when the speaking player is far enough away, you can hear them but their name doesn't pop up. Is this possible for PS DayZ? It would make game chat much more enjoyable knowing that your name tag is t constantly giving you away unless you are close to other players. Rust Console manages to do it and apparently it's okay for Sony's requirement.

Long story short, can the name tag popup for PS proximity chat be altered to only show up when a player is closer to you and at farther distances they can be heard but no name tag is shown?


Operating System
Windows 7
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PS proximity chat name tags compared to Rust Console name tags shown at shorter distances while allowing for chat to still be heard. Please implement this to make PS proximity chat more useable.

Additional Information

If Rust Console does it and Sony allows it, idk why PS DayZ can't do the same.

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