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DayZ 1.14 EXP Feedback & Potential Bug
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I have been testing the 1.14 EXP Xbox Builds on a Series S.

I have found that out of 12 heli site crashs visited over a two day period that only 1 of 12 had a Weapon on at all (VSD) all others only had Flare Guns or Weapon attachments, Ghillie parts. But no Top Tier weapon or NVG'S. This seems like it needs tweaking as i'm sure in a previous update it was made so that Special Weapons would always spawn with Heli crashes.

Also the Static Gas Zone Loot seems bugged also, I have visited Pavlovo Mili base 7 times in the last three days, everytime I visited doors were closed & NBC infected were alive so I assume no one has visited shortly before me, I didn't find a single high tier weapon, no new NVG scope & No NVG'S. I haven't seen a plate carrier on or off a heavy infected at all in this update either, I've been to Tisy a few times & didnt see a single Zed wearing one there either. Seems like there's a serious issue with the Loot table, if the Loot isn't significantly improved at Heli & Gas Zones I feel the player base will find this update disappointing, its a lot of grinding for NBC parts for zero reward. Hope this helps, love the updates components but some more tweaks feel necessary. Also NVG'S need a huge boost on the loot table, havent seen a single natural spawn during this EXP Update & ive circled the map numerous times visiting very mili base over a 50+ hour period


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Play Xbox DayZ & Visit gas zones, heli sites to see the Loot tiers are not raised

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