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Contamination Zone
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I feel like there should be a warning before the jets fly overhead and initiate the explosions/contamination release, I honestly thought it was thunder at first because I missed the jets fly by. Maybe a siren like a nuke warning or something like that just so if we enter the area after the explosions we could hear the warning siren off in the distance so we know to prepare ourselves for the danger nearby or choose to avoid the area if not properly geared for the threat. Currently it's leaving many people wondering what this mysterious threat is that is occurring. Just my thoughts so far. I enjoy everything but what I mentioned above. Keep up the great work, please give console a new map, I see lots of comments on discord about not having a new map causing them to play other games, I think a new map pack with a few of the PC maps would cause the player base to explode and grow exponentially to new numbers never seen since the release of DayZ to console.


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None needed just a preventative measure for player alerts

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