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Phased out through the bottom of the map
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This is my very first time playing DayZ so as I was wondering around figuring out what to do, I was walking slightly downhill when I got teleported up into the sky and upon falling back down I took no damage. Instantly after this happened I phased through the bottom of the world and could see a circle of unfinished textures at the very bottom of the world, also my character started doing the swimming animation while stuck under the world and eventually I died while waiting to exit out of the world so I had to go to the menu again to exit and the second time I tried it let me exit.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Additional Information
  1. I was walking slightly downhill in a wooded area
  2. My water meter was half full same as health and my hunger was all the way down
  3. I had a small pistol in my hand

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