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Whats the point?
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I'm getting tired of wasting hours to get to places just to be killed because of bugs in the game! I get all the way to tisy for it to lag me all over the place ( I'm on 500mbps so its not my Internet) get swamped by zombies, run in a building and they just all run through the 3 closed doors and kill me because I can't move due to the lag but they seem to be able to still hit me? Even when I got there I didn't find one gun! Just mags and clothes? It's supposed to be tier 4 loot? This was on eu 0846 the server constantly lags! No wonder no one leaves the coast. Youre just wasting your time going up the map. I like the game but its being ruined by how bad the bugs are im fed up wasting hours of my time just to die because the game doesn't work properly. It isn't new anymore it shouldn't still have these problems


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