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Dayz AP-SY official servers
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Hi there.

I wondered if you and the team could please review the number of Official AP-SY servers on PS4.

Currently the AUS player base on PS4 is spread extremely thin across the official AP-SY servers. The AP-SY servers on psn do not reach high pop and the gameplay suffers greatly with limited to zero player interaction. The removal of a few servers would consolidate the player base and breath new life into the game.

I note you removed one of the temporary AP-SY servers during the 1.13 update but this is simply not enough to make an impact.

Please consider this. The upcoming 1.14 update would be a perfect time to remove a few.

Australia PS4 has a dedicated and loyal fan base of players who would love to be able to play on an offical server and interact with other players as the game is designed.

Due to Australia’s poor internet infrastructure, we currently rank 61st in the world for internet speeds with countries like Kazakhstan outperforming Aus. This brings massive problems when connecting to any server other than an AP-SY server as we are plagued with controller input lag and connection issues so playing on other countries servers simply isn’t an option.

I love this game thank you for all that you do.

 kind regards 


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