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Increased rate of regular Game Crashes 1.13 Series X
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I and my friends with Series X consoles have experienced regular game crashes on Series X. I haven’t timed the occurrences but I can safely say they occur around 1-2 hours apart almost regularly which to me suggests a potential memory leak.

Each crash will be preceded by the game locking up with the sound looping for 1-2 seconds then crashing to dashboard.

I’ll put more observations into steps to reproduce.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

There isn’t any specific circumstance that seems to drive the crashes other than the game being open and running for a certain duration of time.

We have experienced the same regular crashes in low, medium and high population official servers. We have experienced them driving and walking, in built up areas and in the middle of nowhere , within minutes of logging in and after an hour of logging in - it seems to stem from how long the game itself is open and not tied to how long someone is in a specific server. The issue has persisted among all official servers I’ve played on.

I suspect this is a memory leak.

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