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This game is dying and pretty much dead on consoles
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Thought I would give it another try but never will i play this game again. Got all the way to tisy and got struck by s zombie and started to bleed then it would not allow me to bandage and I died. Fuck this game. I see why everyone goes to pc. You keep making the game more miserable every time there is a update. The lighting is shit. You cant even play with it going light dark light dark everytime you look up and down. You never listen to anything we tell you about the game. You have lost a dayz fan.


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Syfer42p created this task.Jul 13 2021, 9:55 PM

You see this! Instead of adding new items and making the infected harder. You should be making the game run better Bohemia! WE ARE PAYING EVERY MONTH FOR A PS NETWORK SUBSCRIPTION TO PLAY THIS GAME! WHY IS THIS GAME STILL BROKEN!? WHY ARE PS4 PLAYERS A SECOND THOUGHT!? GEEZ WE NEED ANSWERS!!!

We are losing players! Such a waste of money we are putting down to play this game! Fix this game "GEEZ" whoever the heck you are!!