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Random death
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I lay down in the top of a police station and randomly died! My food, water, temp, blood and health was all perfectly fine.
I have gone back to the exact same place I died and lay down just to check if there was anywhere I could have possibly been shot from but there was no way I could have been shot! This has put me off dayz as I had not long got fully geared up to then die for no apparent reason. Maybe the game should tell you how you died when you die for example if I was shot it should come up saying “you was shot dead” not just “you are dead” this may help give some indication on how people have died rather then not knowing!


Unable To Reproduce
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Windows 7

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Which police station because virtually every PD's roof isn't safe, All it takes is one shot to die.

Also, many community servers have kill feeds if you're interested. I imagine official could have them too but I see how that could give away too much information.