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LAV-25 Driver View Overlap
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In the interior of the LAV-25, the PIP view for the driver overlaps. The left and center views share about 40% FOV, same with right and center views.

Ideally, this would be replaced by true windows. Less ideally, correctly calculated PIP camera placement.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Be in an LAV-25 in first-person view as a driver.

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Yano added a subscriber: Yano.Jun 23 2021, 12:26 PM

Thanks for report.
It is a optimalization issue. There is no ideal solution for periscopes in ARMA 3. Modeled cut out are not possible in some geometry. PiP is very demanding according to PC performance especially when multiple render targets used.
Therefor we are using one render target for LAV driver, which need partly overlap for better quality. In LAV turret is one render target for primary periscope (gunner and commander screen) and for eight secondary periscopes is used fake enviromap.
We are open to any solution for better ingame experience and optimalization.

Thanks for elaborating, Yano.

Cut-outs are always preferred wherever possible at all. I believe bending the model a little bit to allow them to function is definitely worth it. PIP should be used only when cut-outs are 100% impossible, and 'fake' periscopes should be avoided altogether. Even if PIP is used, the vision cones really shouldn't overlap... From what I remember the LAV interior should be able to use cut-outs in pretty much all the periscopes? I'll try and verify later, but please seriously consider the cut-outs.

Yano added a comment.Jun 25 2021, 11:32 AM

Cutout periscopes are possible for driver maybe and for commnader/gunner screens only. Most of 7 commander periscopes are facing interior, coutout would be weird looking.