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A good idea for Voice Chat
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Talking to friends in party is usually what you do when playing DayZ. Adding a system where pushing down push to talk which is (Down on D-PAD) it let’s you talk in game chat and in the party at the same time. A similar game like this is RecRoom, they have it where when in a party you can still talk in game chat without needed to go to game chat from the party. This would make more people talk in-game other than shooting on sight. Thank you.


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Windows 7
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Make a system where being in a party on Xbox you don’t need to go to the party manually and go to game chat to talk. Make it where holding down D-PAD let’s you talk while in party and in game chat.

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Kew1a created this task.Jun 20 2021, 4:35 AM

Good luck though! They have just released an update which is repairing all the problems from the last patch dayz is a great game but bohemia have stopped development and just change parameters every update
The game is probably the best it has been but no-one is playing it now