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So when?
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So when will this game, run righteously? Im looking at the calendar and this game is still completely buggy and just about
unplayable. Where are you? Why haven't you still fixed this game? Hello? are you in there??

Buildings, cars, trees and grass disappear and reappear constantly.

Infected still clip through base walls.

Infected can still hit you when you are several feet away.

Bears still clip through all and any type of wall or building.

While aiming a gun at the infected, when they come face to face with your survivor. The survivor will point their gun up in the air as if you are facing a wall. Which makes shooting the infected....impossible.

Cars, well Im tired of explaining the problems with cars. But yay for the batteries charging themselves.

Saws and other tools breakdown way to fast.

The survivor is constantly hungry! Even after eating tons of food.

Frame rate is still disgusting!

Overall we are all getting pissed off that we payed for this.

So when are you going fix this game?  We all payed tons of money for this game.  We all have to pay a monthly PlayStation subscriptions, to play DayZ, online.  So are any of you actively fixing the PS4 version of this game?  Don't worry about adding in stupid items.  Worry about fixing DayZ.

Hello? Bohemia Interactive? You still there? You already gave up on your PS4 fans and customers? I didn't get response to my last post, which was while ago. I expect you to answer this post.

P.S.- Yay we can finally stealth kill the infected! BUT when you stealth kill them from behind, they fall backwards instead of forwards. I think you did that on purpose. Sometimes I think you let this game run buggy and crappy, just to annoy us. Just to let us know you are laughing all the way to the bank with our money.


Operating System
Windows 7
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You made the game, you figure it out.

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"Hahahahaha! Those stupid PS4 players! We got em good didn't we!?"-Bohemia Interactive employees.

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