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Where did all the players go!!!
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I have been plying dayz for nearly 2 years now solo and as part of a group and always on official servers
Everytime I play I see a sign in the lower corner of the screen that says found a bug?-report it at blah blah
I would wear my fingers out listing the bugs we deal with,but here is a short list that me and my friends encounter
-Black screen in car on entering
-when your Xbox crashes whilst driving it drives off randomly and wrecks your car
-will not let you reload your gun even though you have several mags on you!
-your inventory stops working only a log out recovers
-your hot wheel stops working only a log out recovers
-barbed wire or fires can give you 7cuts on contact with them (only about a year for this one🙈)
-any interact with a trucks wheels is liable to send it flying around and kill you
-tents cannot now be depoyed in the cover of a tree
-you can spends 2 weeks building a base using multiple axes/saws hatchets an sharpning stones but 1 crowbar will tear said base down in 10mins
-having a frying pan in your inventry will somehow pick items up and just make them disappear as you play!
-Someone seems to have confused the word helicopter with gardening hoe
Good luck with those :)


Operating System
Windows 7
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Can't wait for the wipe as the servers are all empty of people and loot!

Hmm steps to reproduce stop adding usless items to the game or tinkering with game parameters every update
Add a new map/maps
Add new guns/clothing/vehicles/storage/base items
Add snow!
Bring back a few persistance off servers

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