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Getting ill but no tablets work
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Me and a few others have been getting ill on the Xbox game , taking every single tablet on the game and they just ain't working , happened a few time now and only way to get better is to die and start again . We play single and as a group at times so definitely not catching it off each other . Hopefully this can be looked into as it's ruining the game constantly being sick and not being able to get rid of it


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Johnt91 created this task.May 31 2021, 10:47 AM
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Their are there types of illness generally
Eating raw or bad food-charcoal tablets
Drinking bad water-charcoal tablets
Catching a cold-multi vitamins/tetracycline
The longer that you are ill the more pills you will need to take but 2-3 in a row should work
But I have noticed that if you eat or drink whilst you are trying to heal through pills then you are only re-infecting your self by eating or drinking as you have to take small bites to prevent yourself from throwing up
So you will need to make sure your food and water is good (take many small bites/sips every2secs if you are throwing up)
Then take the course of pills and don't touch any food or water whilst healing and it will work

The fourth illness is eating human steak and there is no cure only a trip back to the beach