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Driving Freeze Glitch
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While driving in the m82 truck, I am constantly freezing. I recently froze in a town ne’er other players for approx. 10 seconds or so. When the game came too, the truck was sideways in the road and I was ambushed. This isn’t the first time I’ve froze or even crashed while driving the big Bertha


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Windows 7

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BigElz created this task.Mon, May 31, 6:30 AM

For real they need to fix this. It happens in open fields and everything once you hit fourth gear. Or you are near trees or buildings. The game lags and freezes and loads back up after 10 seconds or so. Sometimes it causes the player to have to reset the application on console. Very frustrating to have this happen and then get blasted on. Do players near by mess with my connectivity? Wtf???

Please do something with the driving!

The game lags while driving because your survivor is traveling faster than the map can load. When your survivor is on foot, whether they are walking or running, is not moving as fast as a vehicle. Which allows the map to have more time to load in. I love this game but the creators think adding more canned food, brooms and a pokemon ball is more important than fixing the actual bugs and other game play issues. I have been complaining about the cars for a while now.

I bought this game when its just went for sale, I collected pieces of cars all day, and in five minutes crashed, after that I deleted the game, after a time I decided to check it, and you haven't fixed it yet? What are you doing there?

I just seat in the car & start to flying lol

They took our money and ran with it lol. DayZ is dead.