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Step on barbed wire infinite cuts
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I stepped on barbed wire in 1.12 and my character instantly had 7 cuts and would not stop making the hurt sound even tho i ran away from it and i could not bandage because my person was doing thr animation of taking damage my friend put a bandage on me and it stayed 7 cuts until i died.


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Windows 7

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Yall need to fix the game before yall add more stuff. Like farming tools WHO ASKED??? we can barely log into servers without having to join other servers to finally be able to play the 1 we want and be somewhere random. I respawn in with a broken shirt and a sickness. FIX THE GAME SO PEOPLE CAN PLAY IT SOMEWHAT NORMALLY BEFORE YOU ADD NEW ITEMS AND THEN SOMEHOW BREAK EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE PROCESS!!!

Useful items rarely spawn and food is almost nonexistant and when you finally find some it had 1/20th of it left so it does nothing and thats just if you can pick it up and put it into your hand without having to relog into the server. People have to make their own custom severs to allow people to use and see that their are more guns in the game than the ij,the pump action and the bk18. People have to get lucky and be able to kill some animals and cook it to be able to make it somewhere somewhat decent without starving to death just so they can find a jacket and a lever action just to die to random bugs in the game or not be able to play in the first place due to the servers not letting u rejoin without jumping thru all these hoops to allow you to rejoin and be spawned somewhere else. The roblox version of this game runs better than the actual thing.