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Car becoming caught in a recursive calc causing it to be a deathtrap
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From what I can understand on the Xbox One s that when you reduce the resolution of the game it helps to keep the calculations of all of the environment and it's asset rendered easily therefore there is no catch up by the hard drive cash which seems to be the main crux of the problem when it comes to driving the cars due to the environment not arriving in as fast as it needs to in order for the user to be able to enjoy the game.

I think there is some sort of agent detection that will allow you to understand what version of the Xbox as well as the operating system is running so that you can adequately reduce the resolution and increase the refresh rate so that the game can run more consistently and therefore higher player count should be ok when the game is being played. I think it might be beneficial in researching.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

High resolution on an Xbox by overriding the HDMI to UHD.

Additional Information

It seems that lower resolutions help this game tremendously

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